Teacher Evaluations

If you need a teacher evaluation to meet your homeschooling requirements, make sure you choose someone that you feel comfortable with and someone that is a Florida state certified teacher.  Most of us prefer to use an evaluator that has either had many years of experience with the homeschooling community or is a homeschooling parent.

A good evaluator knows that progression is priority and all kids get there in different ways.  They are not here to tell you what to do or to judge you as a parent and teacher.  But they can give you some very good advice.  All of the evaluators that I have spoken to love to meet the kids and see how they did and what they did during that last 12 months.  They want to you succeed and are here to help you if you need.  Ask them questions and form that relationship of trust.

We love the time that we spend with our evaluator and my daughter is excited to show how far she has come since the last evaluation.  And it is not a laborious process!  It is calm and laid back.  Evaluations are not hours and hours of critique.  My experience is that some years are short and some years we get talking and laughing and before you know, 2 hours have gone by, just like that.

Evaluations are not expensive.  Though each evaluator charges their own amount, I commonly hear that prices start around $25.

What is a Teacher Evaluation?

Each teacher evaluator will conduct and evaluation differently. Some will informally discuss the contents of the child’s portfolio, others will administer a formal test. Still others combine the two methods and ask informal questions as the portfolio is reviewed. It is important that the parent/guardian interview the evaluator before the evaluation takes place so that all parties have the same expectations. From a legal standpoint, the evaluator is noting whether the child “demonstrates educational progress at a level commensurate with his or her ability.”

How Do I Choose a Teacher Evaluator?

Parents/guardians should interview the teacher evaluator to be sure the expectations of all parties are acceptable. It is recommended that home school families locate a teacher evaluator in the beginning of the school year to determine exactly what the evaluator will expect. Knowing what the evaluator will expect will help the parent/guardian decide on a record keeping method which supports the evaluation method.


Parents/Guardians Might Ask The Evaluator

  • Do you hold a current, valid Florida teaching certificate to teach academic subjects at an elementary or secondary level?
  • Are you familiar with home education?
  • Are you a home schooling parent?
  • What words would best describe your educational philosophy?
  • Have you evaluated home educated students in the past?
  • What can I expect to occur during the evaluation?
  • Are the parents/guardians encouraged to remain with the child?
  • How long can I expect the evaluation to last?
  • What materials should I bring to the evaluation?
  • Where does the evaluation take place?
  • What fees will be associated with the evaluation?


If you need help finding an evaluator?  We have several evaluators listed in our Business Directory.

Here are a few that gave us permission to publish their information on this blog:


Elita Fox

Email:  EFox.Teacher@gmail.com

Website:  www.centralfloridateacher.com

Wendy Harper

Email:  harperfamilymail@aol.com

Text:  407-461-4517

Terri Hedrick

Email:  Terri@homeschoolinflorida.com

Website:  www.homeschoolinflorida.com

Phone:  352 516-7246

GiGi Norris

 Email:  giginorris@gmail.com

Text:  386-295-4162

Christina Skelton

Email:  Doubleportion2@outlook.com

Kitty Slusser

Email:  Kitty@slusser.me


Finally, you can check out this YouTube channel for a video on this subject, as well as others from *Tucker Educational Services/Homeschool Evaluations FL.



Email us at homeschoolersoflakecounty@gmail.com.  You can also search the Homeschoolers of Lake County Facebook group page for recommendations and testimonials.


*YouTube links linked with permission of Tucker Education Services.  They provide consulting services and evaluations for homeschoolers in the state of Florida.  They can be contacted through their website at http://www.homeschool-evaluations.com/ or by phone at 786-525-3545.

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