This blog is dedicated to the homeschooling families in Lake County, Florida.

Our Facebook group page is for these families and the purpose of our group page is share information and ideas as it pertains to homeschooling. We look to exchange ideas and support each other in this journey.  In addition, our group does plan, coordinate and schedule various events, activities and field trips for the members.

Are you in our area?  Then please consider joining us by clicking here:  Facebook Group Page.  It is important that those families interested in joining our group live or frequent in our area.  We also try to verify that those individuals joining our group are currently homeschooling one or more children.  Anyone requesting to join should expect an administrator to make direct contact and verify their intent and interest. We expect to share personal information, make plans to meet and participate in activities with each other. 
To our local families, group meetings are currently offered twice a year in the form of a general information orientation to the school year and a mid-year curriculum share/sale.  We also offer topical meetings as requested, needed or offered.  
Each month brings several opportunities to connect with homeschooling families in our area though park days, field trips and “mom’s night out”.  We also host seasonal events such as a traditional Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Party, Back to School BBQ.  Finally, we offer special activities throughout the year such as a book club, sewing classes and unit studies.