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This blog is dedicated to the homeschooling families in Lake County, Florida.   And the purpose of our group and this supplemental blog is to share information and ideas as it pertains to homeschooling.  We hope to provide support to each other in this journey so let us know if we can help you.

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I’m just THINKING about it…

So you want to homeschool – Job One!

then…So you want to homeschool – Job Two!

then…So you want to homeschool – Job Three!

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Ways to officially homeschool:

County Registration

Florida Virtual School

Umbrella/Private Schools



Education and Curriculum:

Choosing Curriculum

Curriculum by Subject

Education Philosophies – Simple

Education Philosophies – More

“Full” or “Boxed” Curriculum

Learning Styles

Lapbooking Resources



Other common topics:

Achievement Tests

Common Core

Portfolios and Reading Lists

Teacher Evaluations

Homeschooling in High School




Facebook Idea and Support Groups

Facebook Curriculum Resale Groups

Homeschool with FUN stuff!

Homeschooling Websites and Blogs

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