Portfolios and Reading Lists

If you need a portfolios to meet homeschooling requirements, let me start by saying there is no end to the versions of portfolios you can find with a little searching using Google.  You will also find many blog posts that break it down with picture examples and some have products and downloads that you purchase to help you create a portfolio.  YouTube is also an excellent resource.  Use “homeschool portfolio” in their search box and you will quickly find many, many detailed videos.

When you are searching for examples and how-to videos, remember that each state has their own requirements.  You need to know what your state requires and be mindful of that as you review what others have done, taking what is helpful and ignoring what does not apply to you.

Personally, I am married to a three hole puncher and 5 inch binder.  As we do whatever school work or activity, I hole punch it and add it the binder in date order.  I do add some kind of divider between the “subjects” of work – whatever the subjects might be that year.  I have also created a spreadsheet template that I print at the beginning of the week and write down whatever it is we get done each day.  When a book has been read, it gets written added to the Reading List and filed on the shelf.  Done.

I have seen other families sport a tub or a wagon piled with I do not know what and others a simple manila file folder and a lesson planner book.

I recommend that you do what makes sense for you and your daily life – something you can consistently maintain.



  • No specific format required by law, choose a method which compliments your teaching methods and can be easily maintained and stored.
  • Could be a three-ring binder, an accordion folder, a scrapbook, manila folder, blog/website or a computer CD.
  • Work samples should be in chronological order so that the evaluator can clearly see the progress of the student.
  • Students can help you by placing their work in a specific location: on a desk, in a drawer, in a folder, on a paper tray.
  • Older students (middle and high school) can keep their own book log and make sure papers are dated and placed in the portfolio


Educational Log of Activities and Reading List

  • No specific format required, could be a teacher plan book, a journal, a calendar, or a custom form you create.
  • Can be daily, weekly, or a synopsis, but must be kept contemporaneously with instruction (at the same time as).
  • List all reading materials by author and title.  High schoolers keep table of contents, ISBN #, and other pertinent information about the text or resources.
  • Sample book list form:



One more thing, check out this YouTube channel for a video on this subject, as well as others from Tucker Educational Services/Homeschool Evaluations FL.



Need more on the subject?  Email homeschoolersoflakecounty@gmail.com or post to the Homeschoolers of Lake County Facebook page.


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