County Registration

Homeschooling under the county is currently a very straightforward process.

For the most detailed information, check out our post Lake County and the state of Florida and click all the links and read, read, read.

The contact for Lake County is Evelyn Diaz at (352) 742-6951 and this is link to the Lake County Home Education Information and Resource page.


This is a simplified overview:

  • Send a letter of intent.
  • Mark your calendar, one year from now, “evaluation is due”.
  • Keep the following:

portfolio – samples of work

a log of activities

a reading list

  • One year from now, review


Now, here is some more detail:

  • Send in the Letter of Intent to home educate.  You can use form found under Free Resources at Florida Parent Educators Association or just send a letter using a blank sheet of paper.
  • Mark you calendar.  This is very important.  Each year, you must send in the evaluation done by a Florida certified teacher.  This is a painless experience and often very enjoyable.  It is also your only real requirement but if it is not done, it could effect our whole community.
  • Establish and maintain a portfolio of work samples.  The state/county requires that you show progression.  This would be a sampling from the beginning of the year, middle of the year and end of the year.  If in doubt, ask to meet with an evaluator and let them reassure you on what they are looking for and what is needed.
  • Keep a log of activities and a list of reading materials/curriculum used.  This could be pen/paper, a calendar, a lesson plan book, a spreadsheet – does not matter.  You essentially want to have a record of “on this day, we did this”.  Along with this record, write down what you used to do what it was you did.  This would be the workbook or the curriculum or website where you download the printable.  And make an effort to date each section/paper as applicable.

For example, if your child worked in a workbook on Monday, you would write down:

Monday, Month 10, 2017 – Spectrum Education Language Arts, Grade 5, pages 8-10.

  • Keep a reading list.  Again, this is a simple list of books read by the child with author, title and date completed.
  • After one year, submit annual evaluation.  Whenever you decided to send your Letter of Intent, that is the start of YOUR school year.  It could be February or September.  You will choose an evaluator and they will assist you with the submission of the annual evaluation form.


We hosted a live stream event where we talked about these things in detail.  If you are a member of our Facebook group, you can access these videos for more information:

General Information/101

Portfolios and Evaluations

Q&A with Evaluators


You can also search or post to the Homeschoolers of Lake County Facebook group page.  Have more questions?  You can email us at

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