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Science   The Happy Scientist - resources by topic, free resources and videos. NASA Kid's Club - downloads, Space Station, art ideas and games. Science Bob - experiments, science fair ideas, research help and more. Science Games: Primary Games PBS - for older elementary students     You can contact us by email at … Continue reading Websites by Subject

A Message from FPEA

The letter below provides practical direction and positive encouragement as you take the very first steps of your homeschool journey.  Visit the FPEA website and get your free copy of Starting Point. Choosing to homeschool is a decision that requires careful consideration of many factors, and the choice to homeschool is one of several education… Continue reading A Message from FPEA

An Interview with Director of Student Services – Dr. Kristine Landry

HSLC had an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Kristine Landry, Director of Student Services, at Lake County Schools.  As homeschoolers, we fall under Dr. Landry's department and our contact, Evelyn Diaz, is under her supervision. We have been very blessed that Dr. Landry is open to forming a relationship with our group, giving us… Continue reading An Interview with Director of Student Services – Dr. Kristine Landry