Welcome to our Facebook group!

We have several tools beyond the Facebook group page you should know about.

First, we have a website/blog.  Here you will find information about state/county regulations, info on getting started, picking curriculum, other fun FB groups and sites and blogs.  You are on it RIGHT NOW!!

Here is the link for the site so you can share with others:  https://homeschoolersoflakecounty.com/

hinking about committing to homeschooling, start here.

Are you new to homeschooling? Start here.

Check out the home page for many links to many links.

And at ANY TIME, reach out to us with any concerns or questions so that we can support you.  You can email us at homeschoolersoflakecounty@gmail.com.

The admins for our group are:

  • Nicole Rondello
  • Shannon Walter
  • Lara Lahey
  • Tasha Boroff
  • Kelly Kirkland
  • Erin Waddell


You can contact us by email at homeschoolersoflakecounty@gmail.com.



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