Unit Studies

Unit Study

  • Incorporates all subjects into a learning experience, generally a combination of written and experiential (hands-on) activities with the objective of increasing rate of retention as children study inter-related components of a subject.
  • Easily allows for teaching multiple levels of children simultaneously
  • When preparing a portfolio of work samples, collect: a highlighted library list of books read or referenced, a photograph of the books used, recipes and experiments, research projects, art projects or pictures of projects, photographs of things not easily saved (a paper mache volcano), photocopies of letters written to friends, family, or officials, brochures from field trip venues or theater experiences.


Proponents and Websites:

A Journey Through Learning/Lapbooks and Unit Studies

Amanda Bennett

Beautiful Feet Books (History-based)

Ben and Me – The Traveling Homeschool

Homeschool Helper

Homeschool Legacy

Homeschool Share

Jessica Hulcy KONOS

Our Journey Westward

Steve and Jane Lambert,  Five in A Row

Valerie Bendt, Unit Studies Made Easy

Valerie Bendt, How to Create your Own Unit Study


Links to subject specific unit studies:

H.I.P. Pocket Change  – Several Lesson Plans revolving around money

4. Homeschool Helper

5. Oceanography

6. SCORE Cyberguides

7. Eyes

8. Birds Notebooking pages

9. Nature Study

10. Canada

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