Umbrella Schools

An umbrella or cover school is one of several options to consider in homeschooling.  It is a private school or “private education” option that oversees the homeschooling of children, meeting the governmental requirement for education.  The cost, what is offered will vary with each school and what they require of you to meet the state’s requirement will vary from school to school.

An umbrella school can provide direction, structure and accountability.  They also can offer support and extra curricular services.  Advocates of enrolling under an umbrella school enjoy the freedom that the right choice can provide to them.

We encourage each family to examine all options of schooling as they pick the one that is right for them.  There are several families in our group that use a private school/umbrella school, so you can search the Facebook page for previous posts or post your own questions.

A common question compares registering under the county versus an umbrella school.  *Donna Gunn with Florida Freedom Academy addresses this question in a YouTube video found here:



She also offers another video that offers an overview of Umbrella Schools in Florida found here:



Finally, in gathering information for this post, I found this article against using an umbrella school on Home Schooling Florida‘s website that might prove interesting in your research.


For a list of umbrella schools available in Florida, visit the I Am Homeschooling website.

Do you have any updates for us?  Any additional questions?  Email us at



*YouTube links linked with permission of Donna Gunn from Florida Freedom Academy.  She also provides consulting services for homeschoolers and can be contacted by email at or by phone at 813-416-0745.





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