Homeschool with FUN stuff!

There are so many ways you can introduce fun into your homeschooling.  And planning for fun can really get your creative juices flowing presenting a real opportunity to think outside of the box.

This post to give you some ideas to consider, not necessarily a review or endorsement unless otherwise stated.


If you are studying geography, check out Little Passports.  They are a subscription service that offer a monthly kit to get your kiddos excited about world and U.S.A. geography and even science.  They have kits that are age specific.

National Geographic also as a subscription activity box.  The website states, “Each month surprises with a mission to rescue an endangered animal in a new part of the world. Box includes curated activities and accessories to complete the adventure. Ages 5-11.  Each box provides 5-10 hours of learning, creativity and pure fun!

Another way to explore geography is by a country specific food box.  You can get them one at a time, or by a monthly subscription.  They are easy and fun and you can really maximize exploration of a country.  Here are some options:

Try The World – I have tried this one and we loved it!  They have a suggested music list, recipes that use the items they send you and something you can eat right way.  They also provide a little culture and information.  This is a high end and well presented option.

Yummy Bazaar and Universal Yums are both fun and easy and it was a great end to a week long lesson.

…and here are some more!


There are two Facebook groups that provide another way to explore U.S.A. geography.  First, the Homeschool Postcard Exchange connects you with other homeschoolers from across the country and you agree to send them a Florida postcard with written facts about our state and they return a postcard from their state with the same.  Put a map on the wall and mark the states as you get postcards in the mail.

Second, is the Homeschool Swap Adventures group.  There you can connect with other homeschool families to exchange “geo boxes”.  This is where you put together a box of Florida “stuff”.  It could be anything that pertains to our state – palm tree erasers, orange muffin mix, stickers, stuff alligator, a NASA t-shirt, etc.  You send your box to them and they send you a box of items from and about their state.  It is a super fun way to learn about another state.

If you have a hands on crafter and tinker-er, we have really enjoyed Kiwi Crates.  We have received the Doodle Crate and the Tinker Crate  for more than a year and teaches so many things!  Arts, crafts, technics, reading directions, using the imagination and showing off your own personal touches.  And there is also an educational bent to each monthly box – either additional options, historical information or additional experiments.  They too have age specific boxes for individual purchase or monthly subscription starting with the ages 0-2 years.

This is just the beginning.  Take your subject and google it with “kids” or “homeschool” or “ideas”.  And we did not even mention Pinterest !  A few clicks around on there will surely lead to one idea or another.

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