Facebook Idea and Support Groups

There are many homeschooling Facebook groups for support and ideas and the sharing of information with more being created everyday.  Here are a few we have found that might be helpful to you:

Affording the Homeschooling

Christian Homeschool Families

Christian Homeschooling Moms

Christian Homschooling With Streaming 

Homeschool Discussion

Homeschooling Around the World

Homeschooling Families

Homeschooling Freethinkers

Homeschooling with Netflix

Practical Homeschooling Magazine

The Homeschool Life

Secular Homeschooling with Netflix & Other Media

Secular, Relaxed, Eclectic Homeschooling with Older Kids




Have you found one we can add to our list?  Email us at homeschoolersoflakecounty@gmail.com.








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