So you want to homeschool – Job Three!

If you have followed the post in order, you know why you are doing what you are doing and you have at least registered in some regard to become an official homeschooler.

Now, you have to actually start teaching…something.  This alone can become an all consuming venture.  You can research and sample and explore for the next 2 years without making a choice.  There is no end to the options and tools and blogs and sites and choices and opinions out there.

Why not think about HOW you are going to homeschool?  What “school of thought” or methodology looks doable to you?  How about the kids?  How do they learn best? What are they going to respond to without a daily meltdown – from either of y’all? Did I lose you?  Don’t be discouraged just yet.

Educate you first:


Advice to consider:

  1.  You don’t really know your child until you homeschool.
  2.   Don’t try to recreate “school” at home.
  3.   If you are just taking your child out of institutional school, take some time off before you start.
  4.   Read aloud!  Read aloud!  Read aloud!
  5.   Anything and everything can be and is school!
  6.   Anything you are doing with your kids is better than they would ever get “in   school”.
  7.   Invest in a really good printer before you buy anything else.



  1.   Start somewhere.
  2.   Most likely, you will change whatever you pick.
  3.  I only know one person in our community that choose a curriculum and methodology and has stayed with it.
  4.   You can school just from the library.
  5.   You an school for FREE!  You can just about google anything.
  6.   Check out these posts:

Choosing a curriculum

“Boxed” curriculum

Curriculum by subject


Feel free to post your questions on our Facebook group page anytime.  You can also email us at

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