So you want to homeschool – Job One!

I am a big believer in breaking things down and taking one step at a time.  My experience in homeschooling, so far, is no exception.  In fact, I have found myself revisiting steps already taken, repeating tasks I thought were completed , and re-evaluating everything we are doing periodically.  Homeschooling can quickly become confusing and overwhelming and in talking with many veterans in our community, it seems this does not go away.

Here is the good  – there is SO MUCH OUT THERE.  Here is the bad – there is SO MUCH OUT THERE.  As a new homeschooling family, it is hard to know what to do next or where to start at all.

How about we start by taking an hour or even just 30 minutes and talk these out these five points with a trusted party (even if that party is just you!):

  • WHY are we homeschooling?
  • What is it that my child(ren) REALLY needs to know now?
  • What is it that my child(ren) REALLY needs to know by “graduation”?
  • What do I WANT my child(ren) to know by the end of this homeschooling journey?
  • By what measure will we COMPARE how we are doing so far?


I do not journal and I have no diary.  But this is one time that I would encourage anyone starting this process to write down some notes on how they answered these questions.  You will have be reminded and you will need to stop and refocus on what is important for you, your student(s) and your family in the days, months and years to come.


Job One:  What are we doing and why are we doing it?


What’s next?  So you want to homeschool – Job Two!

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